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Yoga was created by people on Earth and serve humans on Earth (Yoga Shastra).


1. Yogachittavrittinirodha - Yoga consist in the suppression of the configurations of (swirls) the mental substance.

(Maharishi Patanjali, Yoga Sutra I, 2)

2. Yoga represent all intentional efforts undertaken by human beings - with its specific means - to keep or regain contact with his own nature (conclusion that summarizes the accumulation of tradition)

General Overview:

We could say that the first forms of consciousness consists of a mixture of revelation and empirical observation, non-argumentative,in which each existentially stimulus brought into consciousness led to a positive response which in turn becomes a new stimulus.

Developing self-knowledge need trought observations instruments free from subjective interpretation, and awareness disinterested, yoga, from its beginnings lost somewhere in the darkness of 15 to 20 millennia, was able to offer to human being the real possibility of living a fully life in which seemed that the man has no word to say.

Evolving into a permanent feedback with reality, yoga permanently remove deviations from the truth, avoiding exaggeration and unnecessary gestures, becoming an important, rich and accurate baggage of concepts and techniques of self-knowledge in human history.

At the same time, yoga has never been supposed to be a substitute for religion, always remained an instrument of living consciously and also yoga has adapted with flexibly to different socio-cultural and religious context along history.

In the same time with de modifications of all data of the world along with the Verb incarnation in the person of Jesus Christ as Savior, the meaning and purpose of yoga has change too. This thing may be reffered by any honest practician and also recognized by true masters; unfortunately this true is often ignored and omitted by many vendors of illusions in our days. There are a lot of 'charismatic' leaders who made from yoga the place where they put on their personal pleasure and deviations, deceiving people and depriving them from the opportunity to live entirely in their being and into the world!

From the many definitions given to this phenomenon,we can keep two of them for their operational value:

'Yoga represent all deliberate efforts of human beings - with its specific means - to keep or regain contact with itself'. (there is extremely important this if we think to the fact that through a process of delusionary, the man has fracturated from himself and from his center, breaking into the mental state and moving away from himself, from his fellow men and from the world, creating this situation which is a continually worsening fact).

Yoga is the absolute unity consciousness, beyond the difference in time and space, of God's creation. It is a truth rediscovered after thousands of years bt modern physics; a telling example are non-locality inequalities of Bell's.

Generaly, it appears that many practitioners, following the approach of awareness and the rediscovery of the full condition of being in the context of God's creation, reconsider religion, passing naturally from atheism to faith and revaluating the religion in which thay were born and it is intimate to them.

Traditionally speaking there are of many types, current and schools of yoga:

-Hatha Yoga (bringing together complementary contradictions of being, a long time was considered wrong as physical yoga, gymnastics, etc ... but in fact it is the purest expression of the dinamic human nature)

-Raja Yoga (meditation yoga, developed in several variants)

- Karma Yoga (yoga of pure act, issued by any fruit of that)

- Adhyatma yoga (yoga of self search)

- Mantra Yoga (yoga of oral formulations)

- Nada Yoga (yoga of power of the interior sound)

- Yantra yoga (yoga of the power of images)

- The group of tantric yoga (culminating in Laya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga)

Currently there are many modern versions; some are valuable, but other are purely mercantile, such as a poisoned „mushroom farms” of the sects claimed yogic, which are deviant manifestations with countless victims (many irrecoverable), led by controversial characters,a lot of them mixing mental disorders with deliberate intention of fraud. Among them, some are high profile: Michael Aivanhoff, Osho - aka Sree Rajneesh, Sri Mataji, Sai Baba etc.. It can be detected the total deviation of authentic yoga of a so-called „yoga fitness”, form more aggressive and more serious degradation of this traditional practices.

We could say that originally there was only one integral yoga, Vak Yoga and all other authentic variants from the list, there are derived, according to yogic concept of it and representing Margas, in other words there are paths on the great journey of yoga. Each of these ways emphasizes and select different ways, aspects of yoga practice and structure which is depending on individual needs.

Vak Yoga, Yoga of Logos can be considered the oldest yoga in the world, in fact, a proto yoga (with a minimum age of 15 to 20,000 years).

We believe that it was the "detonator" of 4-5 thousand years ago of Yoga in India; where it is arrived trough the sea paths; here it was given the impulse and synergy of various aboriginal tendencies.

Did you know ...

... the first image of a yoga position (royal cobra and the scorpion), is painted on the wall at the Addaura Grottoes of Monte Pellegrino, in Sicily and there are 14,000 years old? Of course, at that time there are not called yoga, or asanas; that imitation of dangerous animals and insects served to create an empathy, an alliance which puts to the people some of their qualities and especially to immunized against possible attacks.

... first image of a meditating man is our famous thinker of the Hamangia belonging Cucuteni culture and dates back almost 7,000 years?

... and the first image Indian yogi, old at least 3,000 years, is discovered by Sir John Marshall at Mohenjo-daro, the dead city in the Indus Valley, depicting Shiva Pasupathi as prince of beasts?

... even everyone considers yoga as an Indian product, it is in fact a universal phenomenon, older than the Neolithic paintings of Altamira, Lascaux and Trois - Freres, and it is present in all indigenous cultures of the world? if we say today yoga is from respect for research and extraordinary work submitted by the yogis of India, the country where the concepts and practices have developed more than anywhere else?

... the earliest proto-yoga in the world, it seems appeared almost simultaneously anywhere human consciousness exists in that period of infancy of mankind, and it was preserved until today and it is called Vak - Yoga, Yoga of Logos, which contains basic grammars of any physical or mental manifestations?

.. Geto - Dacians had their own millenary form of yoga practiced by the monks of Zamolxe and Deceneus, among others structured around the initiatic dance of „calusarii”, which made transition to adulthood? Young practice during a fast of 40 days and the last 12 there was black fast using series of reverse positions, the same as those of from Indian yoga, breathing techniques with incantations like mantras and meditations classical.

... conquering Dacia, one of the priorities of Trajan was to destroyed these monks, in fear for their power and extraordinary prestige which they enjoyed, always being able to reanimate liberation struggle?

... in the human being there are at least 16 to 17 subtle bodies and the one described in yoga made by Nadis and chakras is just one of them?

... there are identified over 8400 classic yoga positions (Asanas), breathing processes over 7,200 and over 50,000 (!) types of concentration techniques and meditation? which means that you can build a program on the structure and needs of every human being in the world?

... there are nearly 100,000,000 practitioners in the world?

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